Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Phantom's Rest by Anny Cook

When Beauregard Barker must leave his military career behind due to injuries, he takes refuge at the Phantom's Rest RV Park, expecting no more than a place to recover. He little suspects he will actually use the skills from his former life as he helps renovate the park while he heals. Then Emmeline Fairchild arrives for her annual stay and everything changes. Beau falls hard for the shy calligrapher who's under siege from a wicked stalker and secret assassin. Whatever it takes, he's determined to keep her safe and persuade her he's the man for her.

Anny Cook has penned a tale with thrills, laughs and spooks with Phantom’s Rest, a story I thoroughly enjoyed. Beau, our hero, teaches Emmie, our heroine, that having sex and a relationship isn’t as scary as she thinks. She needs a little coaxing, though, and Beau is prepared to wait as long as it takes for the beautiful woman staying at Phantom’s Rest to warm up to him.

Along with their burgeoning affair, there are ghosts at the RV park—one is particularly funny with her antics; a woman—who enhance the read as they watch the goings on and try to help. Someone is out there to do Emmie harm for something her brother did. There is a tense scene in a hospital that was excellent, really put me there, and the hunt is on to find out who is causing trouble.

As the story shifts to its conclusion, there is another tense scene or two when the baddie is revealed and Emmie is in terrible danger—Beau too, except he’s not able to help Emmie because of what the baddie did to him. Nail-biting times, people! The whispers to do with Emmie’s stalker are creepy, so be warned!

Best Bits:

His cock was hard. (ROFL!)

“Was that a comment or an answer?” (hahahahaha!)


“Sounds like a personal problem.”

Directly below her, the moonlit mountain fell away with a sheer drop to the gorge below. (This scene is so vivid my stomach rolled over and I felt a bit sick!)

Verdict: A great tale with quite a few funny moments—as expected and welcomed from Anny Cook as her sense of humour is brilliant—one that has everything rolled into one fab package. I love Anny Cook. I want to be her when I grow up.

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anny cook said...

Wow! What a lovely review! Thank you so much!