Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Rendezvous at Midnight by Lynne Connelly

A haunted ocean liner, a woman with a family mystery to solve, and a man who can talk to ghosts—what do they have in common? A timeless love and the very real threat of murder, that’s what.

Lisa, a host for the TV program Ghost at Home, and Michael, a medium also for the program, share a past together. But it remains to be seen if they have a future….

When the program gets offered to spend a weekend of ghost-hunting on The Gem of the Sea, Lisa sees her chance to discover what really happened to her mother the day she died on the great ocean liner. But over the course of one passion-filled weekend, Lisa and Michael must fight a malevolence the likes of which neither has encountered before.

Will they win or become two more of the unquiet spirits haunting the old ship?

A ghost story with a difference! Lisa is a TV host, working closely with her friend, Michael. They’ve been on a date and both want the relationship to progress, but they’re taking it slow. With the job at hand of a ghost investigation on a ship where Lisa’s mother died, they need all their wits about them as someone is on board who plans to do them harm. A band of people against Talents (those with special powers and abilities), have sent one of their kind to take Michael out of the picture.

With Lisa’s ex involved in the show, Lisa tries hard to act as though he doesn’t affect her—he’s arrogant and not too nice!—but he reveals a few things that further changes how Lisa sees him. Malevolent spirits are also playing their part, and Lisa is shown, through images in her mind, exactly what happened to her mother all those years ago. Michael reveals who and what he really is, throwing Lisa into insecurity, but when someone makes it clear they want Michael out of the way, she realises just how much Michael means to her.

Rendezvous at Midnight is a gripping read with some spicy love scenes. It held my attention and took me away for a while, onto a ship where nothing is as it seems. As always, with Ms Connelly, I wasn't disappointed. Highly recommended!

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