Thursday, 17 May 2012

Super Zero by Rhonda Stapleton

Working for superheroes isn't all it's cracked up to be...

When Jenna’s superhero boss The Machine gives her the opportunity to safeguard the changing crystal (a jewel that grants, changes or removes superpowers) she jumps at the chance, eager to do this so-called "cake" job and earn street cred with the Midwest League of Superheroes. To help her mission, the League assigns her a partner, the mysterious and super-sexy Vigilante. Too bad he's also super-grouchy--what a tragic waste of hotness.

Soon, Jenna learns the threat to the changing crystal is all too real, and her list of trustworthy people grows shorter by the minute. But when she discovers something even more sinister afoot, involving Vigilante's sexy arch nemesis Dementrix, it'll take all her skills to keep the mad villainess from executing her plan to unmask and decommission the world's superheroes...especially when Jenna accidentally becomes one herself.

Sometimes I find I need a little humour in my romance, and Super Zero fitted the bill very nicely. It’s a pleasure to read—quirky, funny, and with a heroine who is so “normal” she’ll remind you of yourself at times.

Jenna has to look after a special crystal but is forbidden to touch it—if she does, she will be given superpowers, but what those powers are don’t become clear until the crystal is touched. She lugs it around in a carry case all the time, which in itself is funny because I imagined it would be a pain in the backside to always have to do that. While the crystal is in her care, a super hero, Vigilante, is her bodyguard. He is sexy, somewhat broody, and always wears a mask covering his eyes, but his commanding presence has Jenna falling into the pit of love and wishing he could be hers.

Someone in the League of Superheroes is a baddie, though, and Jenna and Vigilante have to discover who it is as well as keeping the crystal safe. Jenna thinks playing the part of Vigilante’s sidekick is the way to go, and when she goes to the special store to purchase her outfit, let me just say I need one of those Spandex efforts. It transforms her figure! LOL @ what Vigilante calls her when he has to come up with a superhero name for her.

When Jenna becomes a super hero herself, though, things start hotting up. She has to learn how to use her power wisely as well as learn how to behave because doing the wrong thing at the wrong time could cost lives—for example, when there’s a battle.

The verdict on this book is…just go and get it. As far as I can see, at the moment it’s free on the link provided below. It had my belly hurting at one point it was so funny and tears of laughter flowing. My fave part of the whole book, because it was so REAL, was the look Jenna gave Vigilante in one scene and her thought that went with it. I loved her. She isn’t drop-dead gorgeous, she isn’t slim as a reed, and she has natural flaws that we all have. In short, she’s a plausible female who does and thinks things just the way I have/would do. I loved her!

Very highly recommended.

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