Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Off the Shelf by Lucy Felthouse

At 35, travel writer Annalise is fed up with insensitive comments about being left on the shelf. It’s not as if she doesn’t want a man, but her busy career doesn’t leave her much time for relationships. Sexy liaisons with passing acquaintances give Annalise physical satisfaction, but she needs more than that. She wants a man who will satisfy her mind as well as her body. But where will she find someone like that? It seems Annalise may be in luck when a new member of staff starts working in the bookshop at the airport she regularly travels through. Damien appears to tick all the boxes; he’s gorgeous, funny and intelligent, and he shares Annalise’s love of books and travel. The trouble is, Damien’s shy and Annalise is terrified of rejection. Can they overcome their fears and admit their feelings, or are they doomed to remain on the shelf?

Off The Shelf is a lovely example of erotic romance. The author romps up the sexual tension between the couple from the start. The way the characters are with one another, the minute details in body language and speech, all play a heavy part in the story, just as it would in real life.

The unique setting for the initial meeting, the bookshop at the airport, is perfect for the heroine. She has a romantic ideal of meeting ‘the one’ when she least expects it and that is exactly what happens. I then loved her agonizing over Facebook and whether or not to request Damien as a friend, and bless her, she was so cut up when he didn’t respond to her message—such a modern day dilemma that many people will be able to relate to.

Annalise, the protagonist, has a combination of optimism, youthful nerves and confidence and I took to her straight away. She also possessed a healthy appetite for sex, though unfortunately for her, despite temptation, she’s playing solo for a good proportion of the time; however, for the reader this simply builds the anticipation of her finally getting some to an Everest-sized mountain of expectancy.

Luckily Ms Felthouse does not disappoint and serves up a delectable dose of the raunchy stuff just when it’s needed most. And who can blame Annalise for lusting after bookworm Damien. He’s hot, cute, vulnerable and seriously sexy.

Best Bits:

A quick knee-trembler would have to suffice.

It also made him even more fabulous. Intelligence, books, travel, chocolate; he ticked all the boxes, so far. And he was a cutie to boot.

He was a nice guy, not someone who was likely to suggest seedy encounters in toilets or back rooms. But it didn’t stop her wanting to fuck him.

Now everyone would think she was some woman who went around picking up male bar staff in hotels. Of course, that was exactly what she did, sometimes, but she was damn subtle about it.

Love wasn’t a game, so sooner or later she’d have to stop playing chicken.

Oh God. What if he doesn’t want to have sex tonight? Maybe he believes in the third-date rule? Or even longer!


A great read if you want romance with your sex along with well-crafted sexual tension, realistic characters and a hugely satisfying ending. Go grab yourself a copy of Off The Shelf and put it on your shelf!

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