Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Melody in Lingerie by Imogen Linn

Melody is a shy, bookish college student with a secret love of fine lingerie. While out shopping, she meets a charismatic, older man who gradually and skilfully seduces her, culminating in a steamy encounter in the store’s changing room.

As Melody falls deeper under his spell, he begins to nurture her submissive tendencies. Ultimately, she is transformed from a shy, innocent girl into his willing slut – eager to perform the nastiest of sex acts for her new Master.

Melody in Lingerie is a fast, fun-filled tale that gets down to the dirty deed pretty damned quick—which actually suited me given that I only had half an hour to sit and read.

Melody was a believable character and it was fun to watch her seduced in the naughtiest of ways in a shop of all places. Phew! What they get up to in a changing room would make a tart blush!

Her seducer is masterful, sexy and sinfully good at his craft. I was hot under the collar by the time I finished this tale, loved the twist at the end and was then delighted to find out that this short story is actually a prequel to more of Melody’s adventures. Go grab a copy and enjoy!

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