Saturday, 22 September 2012

Releasing Kate by Cyna Kade

Kate Logan is unaware of her genetic imprint. All her life, she’s suppressed the dark longings that haunt her. Twenty-first-century women should not want alpha males to protect or dominate them.

Michael Kyle immediately recognizes Kate as his mate. He can send violent sexual visions to her but she doesn’t seem to understand what that means. She’s unaware and untrained.

He’s ready to show Kate that pain can liberate her pleasure. But first, he has to break through her resistance. She thinks her needs are wrong and fears her craving to submit to the sexual demands of this dominant man. Michael has to be patient—gradually increase her sexual pain to free her sexual pleasure and acceptance of her submissive heritage. If he rushes the process, or if he can’t break through her barriers, she won’t survive their mating.

Releasing Kate was an intriguing tale that has you wondering what will happen next. Kate Logan doesn’t know anything about her genetic imprint. All she knows is how to suppress her secret desires because a woman shouldn’t want an alpha male to protect her in the twenty-first century. I love reading about dominant men and this was right up my alley.

When Michael goes to work at the hospital where Kate is the sparks fly between them. She wants to submit to him but she fights it. He knows what she is and he’s determined to awaken her. I like his dominance within the story. Michael wants to open her mind to the pleasures they can have together. The temptation he explores is really hot. I had to fan myself a few times.

The moment she agrees to go with him to his house and she starts to open up to BDSM was great reading. He teases, he torments and he had me screaming to stop taking his time.

Kate fights her nature and I enjoyed watching her open up. This for me showed an air of realism with the struggle she had to give over control even though she wanted to.

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