Saturday, 17 November 2012

One Fiery Night by Em Petrova

Firefighter Luke Puckett doesn’t want to get involved with anyone; not after his brother perished fighting a fire, leaving behind a wife and four kids. Then Luke pulls a woman and her child out of a burning house, and is stunned to find she’s his college ex. Though he fights to stay away, Luke’s desire for her lush curves is impossible to battle.

Josie Springer escapes the enormous house fire with nothing but the clothes on her back and her daughter. As she begins to recuperate from her losses, she finds she’s gained something bigger since Luke walked back into her life. She’s always held a candle for this lover who dumped her with little explanation.

While their relationship sears between the sheets, Josie and Luke still harbor personal doubts it will work—until a near tragedy forces them take another look.

One Fiery Night is Book One in the Firehouse 5 series and I have to say it’s a smokin’ hot start!

Luke Puckett is a dare devil firefighter who can stand temperatures none of the rest of his team can, and with gut instincts and a very special type of bravery, there is no chance he won’t capture your heart. I could almost feel him, see him, smell him; his presence burned off the page.

Josie Springer and her daughter are saved by Luke when their house goes on fire. But this is by no means the first time they have met. Luke and Josie have history. Good and bad history that is a tangle of hurt and misconceptions as well as some steamy memories.

I enjoyed how the author pretty much split the view point fifty/fifty in One Fiery Night. This gave a good insight into both characters and what they were thinking and how they were feeling. The sex is seriously hot and there is plenty of it; these two are explosive together. There is enough conflict and plot to keep the story ticking along nicely and I was definitely rooting for their happy ever after. The twist at the end, of wanting to touch but not being able to because of injury, was interesting and well handled.

Best Bits:

“She had been know to use her tongue for persuasive purposes.” – LOL, go girl!

“This was Luke at his finest, times ten. The young man she’d been in love with early on had morphed into this rough and demanding firefighter.” – I want one!!

“You’re going to kick me out without even trying to explain yourself?” – Hell yeah!


A black tooth in the smile of the neighborhood where they’d lived – Josie describing her burnt out house.


If you want a sexy fireman to lust over, then you won’t go far wrong with Luke. Go grab a copy and then expect to get hot, hot and hotter!

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